Quick-Thoughts: Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari feels like it was made by a computer that found two Wikipedia articles—one on the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race and one on human ambition—, formatted them into a script, and gave it to greedy Hollywood executives to be looked over to ensure that it was “generic-audience-friendly.” It’s like an Aaron Sorkin movie without the Aaron Sorkin script. It’s like Rush without the rush. It’s as mundane, vanilla, and predictable as these competitive sports movies can get. Audiences, The Academy, and pro-formula critics will eat it up and relish at its good vibes, then ultimately forget of its existence a week after. This two-and-a-half-hour extravaganza is the equivalent to a pretty good trailer, but like a trailer, it sets up possibilities and just leaves it at that.

Everything is adequately put together, but so is roughly 50% of every other movie out there; so, who’s truly that bewildered? The drama is forced, the stakes seem irrelevant, and the comedy is at a mediocre Marvel movie’s standards. Most will love it. Most will have fun with it. And most will give it a big ol’ thumbs up. Whatever. Can’t entirely say I did myself.

Really cool race scenes though! 

Verdict: C

“Ford v Ferrari” is now playing in theaters.

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