Quick-Thoughts: Before Sunset (2004)

At this point, I like to perceive Celine and Jesse as one person. These two are so remarkably connected that watching them converse is the equivalent of watching a singular brain battle at its beliefs and thoughts. It’s cute. ❤

Before Sunset is an audacious sequel to the 1995 dramatic cult classic Before Sunrise that shrewdly manages to become more angsted-up than its already apprehensive sequel. This is like a Safdie Brothers production for romantic movie snobs. In this peer lover’s stance, Richard Linklater explores hatred justly—explaining why it makes sense that we give in to it, but why it’s not venial enough to demonstrate it harmfully. Unlike Before Sunrise which moderately gives you some space to digest, Before Sunset leaves absolutely no room to breathe. This is 80 minutes of unadulterated desperation and emotional rage encapsulated into an early evening walk. Jeepers. 

Another frighteningly relatable movie. Thanks, Richard; can’t wait to watch Before Midnight and possibly indoctrinate you as my newest devout idol…

Verdict: A+

Favorite Romances 

“Before Sunset” is now available to stream on Vudu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and iTunes.

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