Quick-Thoughts: Luis Buñuel’s Viridiana (1961)

Luis Buñuel Binge Part II of V

They tell me that Viridiana takes place in Mexico, yet I could’ve sworn it really takes place in (sweet home) Alabama based on some of the “card-shuffling” folks in this motion picture. Don’t assume your Spanish language can fool me! 

Viridiana is oh such a sweet character. After experiencing such a horrid incident, her goal afterwards—most likely inspired by her aspirations to be a divine nun—remains to bring only positivity to the world. Instead of letting a scarring personal event take over the persona she once wanted to pursue, she slightly alters her mindset into something that ceases to destroy or demean her galvanizing ambitions. She’s a fighter! Too bad she has no idea what the wicked world has in store for good-doers like her…

As for the movie, the first half is MUCH better than the second half, but that isn’t to say that this automatically makes the second half dreadful; I just reckoned that the first half genuinely had a mysteriously enthralling presence that made the film seem more distinct and inviting. What we got in the second half, however, was adequately pleasant and the dialogue throughout was quite deft, as well. Howbeit, it is essentially just a surface-level, second-rate, and moderately scattered edition of Bong-Joon Ho’s Parasite—thanks for the influence of that wonderful film though, Buñuel! 

One last thing, forgot to mention that the “feast” scene was pretty neat. Random and a tad out place, but neat! 

Verdict: B

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“Viridiana” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and The Criterion Channel.

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