Quick-Thoughts: David Fincher’s Gone Girl (2014)

David Fincher Binge Part III of VII, 2nd Viewing

For a movie that tries to cram A TON of short-snippet sequences to continuously fill in the blanks, whether it be expositional flashbacks to rekindle our belief in Nick and Amy’s complicated relationship or the occasional Law-and-Order-styled detective encounter, David Fincher’s Gone Girl works inordinately well. Of course, the movie is trying it’s very best to include almost every ounce of substance that the book had cleverly synchronized in a near-perfect wavelength, and that alone is pretty reputable contrary to many other cinematic adaptations of this genre.

Surprisingly, I’m not too enthusiastic about Fincher’s directing in this. If anything, Gillian Flynn’s brilliantly written narrative—even if its second half falls into conveniences opposite to its first—and ominous yet relevant thematics are definitely at the forefront in what makes Gone Girl exceptional. From the foul treatment the news media glorifies to make reality seem like a sick game of LIFE or the ice-breakers of marriage spoken fantastically out of the words of quote master Amy, Amy, oh Amy, this is the kind of layered movie one can’t help but parallel to our own everyday lives.

In the end, however, deep down inside, we all know that Rosamund Pike was the true prodigy that made this film what it is today. 

Verdict: B+

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“Gone Girl” is now available to stream on YouTube, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime.

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