Quick-Thoughts: Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (1976)

2nd Viewing 

Travis should actually be the textbook definition of the “what no pussy does to a motherf**ker” meme.

One of the greatest films ever on everlasting human hypocrisy. It’s easier to believe that the world around you lives with a s**t mentality rather than that you yourself are living it too, and Travis’s constant disapproval of any aspect of society that doesn’t accept his persona instantly becomes an enemy to his dream-like idea of a fixed system, one that he unconsciously indulges in just as the rest of our species does. There’s not a whole lot of movies out there that have encapsulated so honestly, such as Taxi Driver, the outrageous, built-in human instinct of wanting change and righteousness in a world where you are ironically one of the many contradicting pawns who drives this “repulsiveness” in society, a “repulsiveness” that then fuels your “virtuous” ambitions. It’s like those circular diagrams with arrows: we’re just a self-made ecosystem of eternal conflicts and desires. It’s in our nature to, when convenient of course, solve… nature… but only during those moments in life when we‘ve convinced ourselves that we have “nothing” and that we need “purpose.” 

Yikes, Scorsese and Schrader really exposed us, huh?

Verdict: A+

Martin Scorsese Ranked, My All-Time Favorites

“Taxi Driver” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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