Quick-Thoughts, Again: Elem Klimov’s Come and See (1985)

Screened at The Frida Cinema • 2nd Viewing

I think it’s absolutely splendid that online film communities and sites have essentially caused Come and See to become quite the popular movie in just the span of a few years. What was once a somewhat obscure movie in America has now made it into the IMDb Top 100 and the Letterboxd Top 3, while also managing to get a 4k restoration approved for both theatrical and digital release.

I’m pretty confident that this movie may have the best sound design of all-time. Whether it has to do with its isolative droning, burdeness overlapping, deaf muting, or teemed monologuing, there is nothing quite as piercing in sound as Elem Klimov’s masterpiece. No matter how many gripping handheld long-takes and iconic eye-level close-ups I drool at or how many times I get emotionally smoldered up by that one of a kind reverse-edited finale of Hitler’s life, I do still think the audible parts that sit behind these otherwise genius traits are the most important qualities for making Come and See the immersive journey it is. This is a HEAVY experience that’ll have your ears buzzing furiously by the end of it.

Verdict: A+

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“Come and See” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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