Quick-Thoughts: Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator (1985)

No head? *Megamind pouty face* 

A cesspool in the medical community competing for who can maintain the biggest schlong in their field by either piggy-backing off of each other’s ideas or halting others’ scientific progression that could surpass what they’ve already accomplished. Rule of thumb: big schlong = more important than your sanity and the intention of your profession’s existence. Not very poggers of you Dr. Carl Hill especially.

What a universally applicable — like damn would the list just pursue — metaphor though: nobody can let good things die; they’ve got to wring them on and on even if it causes them to become bad. Cool practical body horror and gory-ass gore too, but perhaps a questionable plot and a thronged collating of ideas? The mess of it all can sometimes be infatuating though, even if Bruce Abbot can’t act in a single scene of it. Frankenstein lives by the bare minimum.

Verdict: B-

“Re-Animator” is now available to stream on Kanopy.

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