Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975): My New Favorite Musical

2nd Viewing

“So I’ll remove the cause, but not the symptom!”

Watch with its UK alternative black and white opening! You can’t have The Wizard of Oz: Wet Dream Edition any other way!

Rocky Horror Picture Show is the way more expressionistic, light-hearted, and dafter, free-willed musical version of David Cronenberg’s Shivers, where an entire movie’s sum has been dedicated to an untamed spiel of horny kinks, reckoned in the sexiest haunted house to ever exist of polygamous lust and affection. A warehouse where the brain has almost shut off with only room left to swallow in the frisky business of ticklish scenario and scheming. Like the construct of humans giving into their more animal side when the social boundaries of the world are stripped down, Rocky Horror Picture Show feels like a lawless Halloween party visit from “happy hell” that even the most vanilla of soon to be married couples can sinfully but delectably give into before they take their final leaps into marriage and parenthood’s existential death of lewd intimacy. This is the ultimate post-young-adult rebel rebel motion picture ever made and the greatest lyrical love letter to titillating experimentation in the bed. This movie even hatches sinners and demons on Earth’s soil by the end, so you know exactly how transformative such an experience may be for you as a viewer, therefore, proceed with caution and prepare for some serious honeymoon goals!

The Kenneth Anger energy in suggestive imagery and visual erotic symbolism camp never ceases to keep on pumping, rarely letting its science fiction genre leakage get the best of itself and using it collaboratively with the Texas Chainsaw horror elements of its indefinable entourage. There’s creativity in every set piece theme usually exclusively devoted to each track, allowing the trouble-making rollercoaster to feel consistently engaging despite some repetitions in musical styles. Tim Curry’s presence as Frank N. Furter may be the most crowd-pleasing performance in the history of film — even if you’re straight I guarantee watching this character quirk will make you temporarily curious for all of its 100 minute runtime. For the 70s, this really embraced queer culture into a sweet candyland assimilation of perfection that the era desperately needed. Plus, it’s so harddd for me to turn down a good death of innocence movie too, yessir-ey! This is my Singin’ in the Rain. “F**k you, Gene Kelly”, let’s go Tim Curry! 

Ooh, and the almost Kubrick-like use of handheld! Freaky! Also, have you heard the theory that this movie is about newly-wed Christians facing their hormones (i.e. the aliens and ghouls) through a classical fantasy tall-tale structure? Yeah… Cinema must’ve had a brain fart when they first tried to designate this movie a genre.  

Verdict: A-

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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